Don't Let Another Day Go
By Without Protecting Your Money-Making Assets

Don't Let Another Day Go
By Without Protecting Your
Money-Making Assets

Tell me if this sounds familiar …


You have a genius idea for your business and go full-on into creation mode, skipping all of the mundane legal bits along the way.


And while you don’t want to create a business, program or product and leave it vulnerable to internet thieves, that’s exactly what you do because when it comes down to it, you’ve got to get your vision out and into the world. You’ve got to get it making money.


Aaaand you don’t want your creative energy to be slowed down by filing this or registering that. So you opt to skip the legal bits with the full intention of one day getting it all sorted.


Eek! I totally understand this approach, but I’ve got to tell you … 


I cringe every time I hear a story like this because I know that setting up a brand this way can get dicey for two reasons.

If your brand isn’t protected, people like Thelma the Thief are going to see that as an open invitation and before long they’ll be passing off all your brand assets—your logo, tagline, signature program name—as their own and there’ll be little you can do about it.

If you skimp on the legal bits and don’t do a thorough search of the name you wanna use, you run the risk of trademark infringement and a hefty fine … cuz how do you know if someone else is using the same name or not? You don’t, unless you search it out. That’s why you’ve got to search multiple places (not just Google) in order to verify that your name is free and clear to use.

If this is our first time meeting, Heyyy … 


I’m Nakia Gray, a business and intellectual property attorney for creatives and I specialize in giving you the tools you need to experience profit, protection and peace of mind while creating the brand of your dreams.


I’ve worked with thousands of brilliant entrepreneurs over the years, many who were killing it in business and growing super fast but didn’t have all the legal stuff figured out and it ended up costing them a lot of heartache and pain. 


And it’s not just them. 


On the regular, I see:

☠️ Creatives get slapped with a cease and desist because their oh-so-good name was already taken and they had no idea because they didn’t do a thorough search beforehand.

☠️ Entrepreneurs get a logo, full-branding and a sales page all done for their signature program only to have to change it (and spend oodles of money to do so) because the name they chose was too similar to another program on the market.

☠️ Creatives come up with the perfect nobody’s-gonna-have-this-name name and have that name stolen out from under them because they never registered it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

And I’m here, right now, telling you all of this because I don’t want that to be you. 


I don’t want you to have to experience the pain or heartache that goes along with any of these situations, especially when I know that you can stay in your creative genius AND protect your business at the same time … without having to have an attorney on retainer or having to sacrifice all your creative energy in the process.

Introducing …

Make It Official is a digital course taught by yours truly … in plain English—none of dat lawyer-speak over here … for any creative entrepreneur or business owner ready to put a ring on that business, program or product name of theirs and make it official. 


It’s like tying the knot with your brand and saying, “This baby, and all of its money-making assets, are mine.”


By the time you finish this course, you’ll know … 

  • Exactly what trademarks are and when you need one.

  • How to conduct a thorough trademark search so that you can feel confident that the name you settle on is truly up for grabs.

  • Exactly how to file your application step-by-step with the USPTO AND how to do so in a way that’ll have the best chance of getting your mark approved.

  • Some of the biggest obstacles you could run into and how to respond if the examining attorney slides you an office action.

  • What you need to do AFTER you mark is approved … yep, there is some maintenance needed.

Session One: The Basics


Get ready for a run-down of what trademarks are, how and when to use them and how different classifications can affect how you file.


We’ll do a full scope look at the trademark process … what’s involved in the application process—what do you need to do before you sit down and file, what potential problems could come up and what do you do after your mark is approved?


From there, we’ll also look at whether you need to file an “in commerce” application or an “intent to use” application AND how many applications you need to file … yep, sometimes there can be more than one if you want to mark your logo, name and/or tagline.

Session Two: The Search


This session is all about giving you the skills and know-how you need to conduct your own thorough trademark search … anytime you’re naming anything.


I’m going to teach you what you need to know and which sites you should be using to conduct your search AND I’ll share the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make with their searches.


I’ll even do a search in real-time for you so that you can see screen-by-screen how it’s done. 

Session Three: Filing the Application


If you’re the type of person who gets nervous when filing anything with the US government, then this session is going to be worth its weight in gold.


I’m going to walk you through the application process—line-by-line, term-by-term—so that you know exactly how to complete your paperwork and how to do it in a this-person-knows-what-they’re-doing type of way.

When You Enroll, You Also Get:

  • Lifetime access to all recorded sessions in our secure members only portal.

  • Worksheets, checklists and extra materials that’ll help you when you go to file your trademark application.

PLUS, these awesome bonuses, too:

  • The whole shebang on international trademarks and how these affect you and your global brand (and what you need to do to protect your stuff in other countries… if anything).

  • The 411 on how to respond to any office actions that the USPTO might send your way. As the examining attorney reviews your application, there's a chance that you could receive a letter from the USPTO detailing any legal problems with your chosen trademark or application. This bonus is to help you respond to them.

  • A training with everything you need to know to make sure your hard-won trademark stays active and in good standing in the years to come, PLUS the exact steps to take when someone steals your stuff and infringes on your trademark.

  • A step-by-step look at the trademark process laid out in slide-form so that you can easily flip through each step.

One payment of $697 or

Two payments of $375

My done-for-you, signature trademark package starts at $3,000, so if you want to borrow my brain and get your trademarks done for a fraction of that, now’s the time.

The course was absolutely amazing! All of the content/modules were taught with simplicity and in bite sized pieces to make it super easy to understand.


I walked away feeling confident with the trademark process. I know EXACTLY what to do, and I’m happy to say that I’ve filed my application and will be filing an application for my eight year old daughter, too.


This course is amazing and worth the investment … plus more! Plus, being able to easily access the modules in the virtual classroom AND have lifetime access - that’s priceless.


Thanks so much Nakia! I can’t wait for more courses.


- Chimere Hunter

All I can say is thank God for this amazing course! I’d been waiting, unsure how to do a trademark on my own or who to hire to teach me, and then I found Nakia and this course.


And I’ve got to say, I’m so glad I paid for the 1:1 VIP upgrade option because it was just what I needed, especially when we got to the specimen part of the process. That was the part I found most confusing, but Nakia was able to walk me through it and I’m happy to report that since figuring that piece out, I’ve gone on and submitted my first trademark application. Woohoo! I can’t wait to flaunt that ® symbol.


- Maryann Johnson





A+, this course is excellent, very informative, and worth taking! Nakia is great at clarifying the process and she actually shows you how to search and apply for a trademark in real-time.


I’m still in the process of submitting my application and specimen to the USPTO, but I now have the confidence to do it on my own.


- Wanda Bright










This course gets an A+ in my book! It was excellent, succinct, and I was able to file my own trademark application. Of course, I had Nakia double check it before hitting send, but that’s the beauty of this course … Nakia is right there with you not just giving you information BUT walking you through each step.


And I’m already planning my second trademark! 


When I signed up for Make It Official, I had my doubts. I thought it would be hard to understand without a law degree, and I worried that the material would be more “general” information rather than actual “this is how you do it.” Fortunately, I was wrong about both.


In fact, if you were to ask me now, I’d say it’s easy, concise and the perfect price.


- Ta Neil Adams

A Protected Brand Sets You Apart From the Competition (and Just Makes Everything so Much Easier)

How would it feel if you were to spend months, years even, creating a brand—pouring your blood, sweat and tears into that brand AND a lot of moolah, too—and then find out that it’s suddenly no longer yours?!


You’d be crushed (and probably pretty pissed off, too) and it would take a lot of willpower to come back from that. 


Now, I know it can be done because many of the entrepreneurs who hire me hire me because they’re in that place and they need legal advice. Unfortunately, what often happens is that they have to walk away from the brand they’ve tirelessly built and start again. 


Being forced to walk away from the thing you’ve cultivated and created is devastating. And that’s why I’m on a mission to let everyone in business know how freakin’ important it is to protect their brand assets by trademarking them.

Got questions? I've got answers.

I haven’t been in business that long. Isn’t it too soon to be trademarking my brand name?

Isn’t trademarking your business expensive?

I’ve done a quick search and it looks like there’s already a business that’s using my name. Am I completely screwed?

I’ve already tried to trademark my business and it got rejected. Is there still hope?

I’m confused. I work with clients all around the world. Does that mean I have to apply for trademarks in every country where I have done business?

Will I get a chance to ask questions and get personal feedback from you?

Still got questions?

Send us an email at and someone from my team will get right back to you!


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